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Local Attractions

Yalgorup Country Lodge is nestled right up against Yalgorup National Park, excellent for walking, sightseeing, photography, birdwatching and fishing. Go for a walk on the walktrails at Lake Hayward and Lake Preston, or enjoy a picnic with the excellent barbecue facilities availabe there.

Lake Clifton and thrombolites, Yalgorup National Park, Cape Bouvard Winery

Within a three minute drive of the lodge is Lake Clifton, famous for its' rock-like structures known as Thrombolites. Like the famous Stromatolites of Shark Bay, the thrombolites are built of micro-organisms, and resemble the earliest forms of life on Earth. A boardwalk, together with information boards, has been erected by CALM to make viewing easier for the visitor.

Adjacent to the Thrombolites is Cape Bouvard Winery. Set in beautiful surroundings with views towards the Lake, it is the ideal place to go and sample some of our local wines and ports.Take one of our bikes or just stroll down to explore the Estuary, a playground for fishing and crabbing. You might even meet some of the local dolphins. Guests are welcome to take our scoop nets to try their luck at crabbing, and we do not mind cooking up their catch !

Or just relax by the heated swimming pool!

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